We've finally reached the dregs of summer snowboarding, the last sip of our off-season suds. This valedictory video of Kaleah Opal Driscoll and Gabe Mekker is a sweet summery summary at Windells, whose c-rail, double-kink, and reg-and-switch based potency will tide us over until the ragged red carpet of shred flick premieres starts to unfold. Mekker duos as a multi-talented dynamo, flourishing his four-wheeled forte as well as his in-lane insanity. Driscoll, currently employed at a burger joint, cooks up some stuff of her own garbed in peculiar attire: a back 180 onto a menacing down-flat is itself impressive, but Kaleah accomplishes such a maneuver as well as other feats sporting overalls, the most constrictive of all denim digs.