Don’t watch to close, you might burn your eyes out. Featuring Keenan Cawley, Mike Ravelson, Johnny Brady, Parker Szumoski, Zander Blackmon, Mark Wilson, Brett Wilkinson, and 270 King Tommy Gesme lapping Boreal, Keep The Change once again gives us more than we deserve. As always, KTC should go to the closest bank and cash this edit, it is straight money. Filmed and edited by Colton Feldman.

Riders chimed in about the latest edit:

From the closer himself, Tommy Gesme “Can’t beat boarding at Boreal in the springtime. Was hyped to make it back to film at my old spot with the KTC ring leader, Colton Feldman. We planned on staying in Tahoe For a about a week, but had to ride out a couple storms. Ended up being closer to 2 weeks. Big time thanks to Boreal Mountain, Lane and Matt. Also to Salomon and Dragon, and of course Colton for bringing us together.”

Mike Ravelson“Appreciative of the people out there getting people together… thank you KTC for always bringing unpredictable days. The Powers way…”

Enjoy the shockingly talented riding that has become par for the course from the Keep The Change crew.