Keep Salmon Baked – Baked Salmon Banked Slalom at Seymour

Baked Salmon Banked Slalom, say that five times fast. Here’s a recap of Mt. Seymour‘s recent DWD and Salmon Arms affiliated banked slalom event. Overall, it seems like one of the best times ever. A downbar, some turns, Al Stathis, there’s not much more one could ask for.

Featuring boarding from Al pops, Keenan Filmer, Kurch ‘the alien’ kurchak, Skurch, Michael hoy, Bryan bowler, Matty Butel, Geeves, Rhett Haubrich, Cody Wilson, Clinton Cameron, Chloee Woodruff, TJ koskela, and Al Stathis.

Video by Rawfrog.

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