L1 Outerwear presents L1 Merica Tour part 3

Last season the L1 team got into a van in Salt Lake City, and took off for the street paradise of the Midwest. The idea was vague, the roads were icy, the team was drunk, and snow was melting – we were in for a road trip that everyone dreams of. The day we were about to take off we got a call from the Down to Earth guys and just told them to join us on our road trip. The crew instantly got three new guys which was sweet, except the van became even more cramped. We all got in the van and set off for the Midwest and making stops along the way. A road trip is the best way to go snowboarding with your friends, there is never a dull moment. Featuring Justin Keniston, Sam Taxwood, Blake Geis, Brandon Hammid, Anton Gunnarsson, Dominik Wagner, Benny Urban, Marc Swoboda, Basti Rittig, and Bob Plumb.