Last Edit of the Summer—HCSC Session 5 Video

As Marcus Rand would say, session 5 was quite the hog show. For the last session up on Mt. Hood for the summer, HCSC pulled out all the stops. Featuring Luke Winkelmann, Marcus Rand, Louif Paradis, Joe Sexton, Tommy Gesme, Justin Fronius, Danimals, Chris Grenier, Denver Orr, Brendon Rego, Mike Rav, Ari Morrone, Harrison Gordon, Red Gerard, Liam Doyle, Shaun Murphy, Desiree Melancon, Alex Caccamo, Max Lyons, and more. It is safe to say that this could have been the best crew of the summer. Watch the edit, compare it to the other highlight edits from this summer, and see for yourself.

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