These are not the Alps. They may look like the Alps. They may seem like the Alps. They may be geographically identical to the Alps. But we repeat: these are not the Alps—they’re Les Shnalpages. What are they? After thorough analysis, we’ve determined that they compose a dimension of Frenchman, snowboarding, and every sound Emojis would make if Emojis could make noise, were European, and really into jazzy mambo tunes.

Production by Matiere Blanche.
Riding by Antoine Baduel, Nello Lefeuvre, Justin Dutilh, Yrwan Garcia Leal, Pierrot Scafidi, Niels Shack, Lionel Simon, Tristan Hamel, Théo Declerck, Louis Declerck, Julien Mounier, Anthony Brotto, and Romain Taillefer.