There are few ways we would rather spend time during the warmer months than pushing around on concrete/masonite/whatever smooth-ish surfaces we can find around us. And, while our own abilities may be enthusiastic, they’re more limited than we would like to admit when compared to those that truly rip, so we’re stoked to sit back and watch those that destroy, like Lib Tech’s newest pro team member, Sky Siljeg.

From Lib Tech:

One of the world’s most dynamic, creative, free flowing skateboarders (and fifteen-year Lib Tech skater) Sky Siljeg gets his first-ever pro model board, the ! The art of milling around meets the art of milling wood for the release of Sky’s first pro board and pro video part.  Watch Sky melt in to skate parks, navigate inter-dimensional loops and skate to the beat of his own drummer’s own drum in this 4 minute and 20 second mind bender.  When Sky skates the world stops, messing around and getting gnarly exist on the same plane, because all under the sun is fun and open to interpretation, especially when you’re on a skateboard!

Just like his skating Sky’s model, the Sky High, is a progressive and unique creativity sled, with a literally mind blowing graphic by the homie Quincy Quigg. You can get the Sky High “normal” (9.3″ x 32.75″) or you can get it asymmetrical regular footed and goofy footed!  That’s right folks, Sky and the Lib Tech bitchin’ board builders created regular and goofy specific shapes with notches for backside and frontside grabs as well as more concave on the backside for a quicker connection to the heels. And of course all Sky High models are handkrafted with our painstaking Technologically Tougher Exo-skeletch construction, they pop like crazy and don’t break!

Original skateboarding and original skateboard manufacturing are a hallmark of Lib Tech (which was originally a skate board before anything else) and we couldn’t be more stoked to have such an original in Sky Siljeg leading the charge for us!