Your favorite Lick The Cat crew has graduated! Not really, but they thought it would be a good name for the edit. Compiling footage from Brighton and their good friends graduation party (congratulations Shats!), Lick The Cat brings us an edit worthy of a diploma and serious recognition from their peers.

In a way, with rumors swirling about a possible movie on the horizon, this edit could be seen as a literal graduation from the small screen to the big. And even though size doesn’t matter, we hope we get to see what the group can do with an even longer piece! For now, check out Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Nils Mindnich, Griffin Seibert, Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Ben Bilodeau, Michael Wick, Zak Hale, Sam Taxwood, Bob Plumb, and more! Enjoy.

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