Why tell you about Lick The Cat at High Cascade when you can just check it out for yourself?

Stax, Griff, Ben, B Prod, Spenny, G Don, Max Hale, Sage,Hefe, J Stone,

Spencer Schubert toeing the line. p: Bob Plumb

Here is all you need to know. Zak Hale, Blake Paul, Sage Kotsenburg, Spencer Schubert, Griffin Siebert, Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Ben Bilodeau, and the rest of the krew showed up to Mt. Hood and showed out. Reports of photographer Bob Plumb and Griffin Siebert going on a climbing expedition mid-session surfaced on social media, but it doesn’t seem like it affected their productivity in the slightest. If anything, this edit is as rock solid as a 5.15c route. We have been told that is a pretty high rating in the rock climbing world. Major crisis averted. Huge thanks to Mr. Jerm Worldwide for the filming, editing, and send. Enjoy.

Does Griffin Siebert enjoy slashing a route or flashing a route more? p: Bob Plumb

Sage Kotsenburg giving the campers at High Cascade something to look up to! p: Bob Plumb

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