The Love Games in all of its gleeful, loose, rambunctious trauma, came back to Loveland Pass. Its return was glorious AF. The two-day event featured four zones of intricate features. There was much to froth over. A swarm of snowboarders rallied their spirits for this end-of-season highpoint, and took a diehard ’90s mindset into each and every drop. Featuring Kit Hendrickson, Justin Phipps, Erich Dummer, Aaron Golbeck, Nate Cordero, Seth Hill, Dylan Alito, Chad Otterstrom, Alex Andrews, Hunter Frutchey, Austin Gregory, Ben Lynch, Mike Rav, Collin Walters, Jade Phelan, Sean Murphy, Ian Boll, Cody Cooper, Ethan Campbell.

Filmed by Drew Herder. 8mm/16mm processed by Ari Lightsey
Edit by Drew Herder