He may have started as a Knowbuddy, but this young North Carolinian is quickly making a name for himself within the ranks of snowboarding with his easy and unassuming style that transitions effortlessly from massive kicker (see: The Launch 2016) to tech rail. Luke Winkelmann is one to watch as he is rising talent of the all around killer variety and with each passing season, his penchant for powerfully destroying any and all things in front of him seems to doubly increase. During the summer of 2016, Luke returned to his home away from home, the BDC in Government Camp, Oregon, to lap the lines of the High Cascade park. While Luke’s riding is seriously steeped with talent, his casual and laughing demeanor bleeds over into his on hill efforts, for sure. The end result is a young rider that you not only want to watch (see: the above video), but one you want to hang out and take runs with, too.

Filmed by Tyler Orton and featuring cameos from a heavy crew: Ralph Kucharek, Brady Lem, Cooper Whittier, John Murphy, Reid Smith and Tommy Gesme.