Madison Blackley is like gravity. She is a constant force and is key in keeping the world of snowboarding intact. The Bataleon ripper can be found in the city, the backcountry… everywhere really. With another solid part with Too Hard in their latest venture, G.O.A.T, her online re-edit is now making waves within the internet’s core.

With one of the longest filmer lists in the history of parts, it’s no wonder how Blackley got so many bangers on tape. Filmed by Corinne Pasela, Laura Rogoski, Fancy and Kieth Rutherford, John Blume III, Connor Winton, Max Senger, Matt Bsuedu, Melissa Riitano, Tyler Blackburn, Christine Savage, Korynn Newville, Kristin Jessen, Ryan Scardigli, Jill Perkins, Tristan Sadler, Pat Sarnacki, and Kayli Hendricks. Way to go! Capturing forces of nature is hard to come by.

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