The boys across the pond have shut it down once again, putting together a magma-level heater of a summer edit. Following up on last year’s MAGICPOWER, Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, and Marc Swoboda decided to bring in two more heavies to the ranks for this year’s indoor sessions, German rider Alek Tank, and Swiss shred Lucas Baume. The premise is simple: a few homies, laps at Snowdome Bispingen in Germany and a creative and option-filled jib set up shot only on a VX 1000 at night with spotlights. And the snowboarding is mental. Benny, Marc, Alex, Dominik and Lucas decimate every rail, creeper, traffic cone, pole, double, and butter pad in front of them, offering up four-and-a-half minutes of tech tricks that come so hot, you’re hard pressed to blink and miss a second. Combined with the raw, yet melodic filming of lensman Alex Pfeffer and MAGICPOWER II is an edit that requires replays. So ready that trigger finger and sit back and enjoy.