Mammoth Grand Prix 2014 – Final Halfpipe Olympic Qualifiers – Video

The Grand Prix’s are over and the final pipe contest at the Mammoth Grand Prix was insane. Shaun White took the top spot with a gnarly run of technical wizardry, while Danny Davis sent a switch method to the moon for snowboarders everywhere and took the second place, locking in his spot on the Olympic Team. On the women’s side of things, Kaitlyn Farrington needed to win for a chance to make the team and unbelievably, she did just that. There was some heartache, too, as Louie Vito and Scotty Lago couldn’t quite put their runs together for spots, as well as Elena Hight, who couldn’t quite land the double rodeo in the pipe missing out on a spot to Sochi. Check out all the action here, even Tony Hawk makes a cameo.