Enjoy a course preview above of Mammoth’s course that is hosting the first 2018 Olympic qualifying event for slopestyle snowboarding. This is not a qualifier for halfpipe snowboarding. A little backstory on the Mammoth, a historical site for Olympic qualifiers, was where the first Olympic snow team was named in 1998 including Ross Powers. Snowboarding slopestyle finals will be going down tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 3, at 12:00 pm.

Course Details:
Built in 7 days following recent snow storms by Mammoth Unbound’s TJ Dawoud and crew.
Feature 1: 6″ 10′ Down Pipe | 4″ Down Flat Down
Feature 2: Up Down Wallride | 8″ 20′ Flat Pipe to 8″ 20′ Down Flat Pipe
Feature 3: Quarterpipe 6″ 42′ Flat Rail | 20′ Flat Tower
Feature 4: Whale Tale or Quarterpipe to Jump Line
Jump 1: 50 Feet
Jump 2: 60 Feet
Jump 3: 65 Feet

Slopestyle snowboarding format – Qualifications – 2 heats men, 2 heats ladies, 2 runs, top score counts,
|Finals – 16 men and 8 ladies, top 8 men and 4 ladies from each heat, 2 runs, top score counts.

Halfpipe snowboarding format – Qualifications – 2 heats men, 1 heat ladies, 2 runs, top score counts
|Finals – 10 men and 6 ladies, 5 men from each heat, top 6 ladies, 3 runs, top score counts.

Judging Criteria:
P.A.V.E.D – Progression, Amplitude, Variety, Execution, Difficulty.

Slopestyle snowboarding finals judging: judging section by section (three sections judged separately = 40% of score) + (two judges scoring on overall performance = 60% for score)

Halfpipe snowboarding judging:
overall impression; six scoring judges, drop high and the low (four scores average out of 100).

Slopestyle Snowboarding Athletes to Watch:
U.S. Snowboarding – Jamie Anderson, Hailey Langland, Julia Marino, Kyle Mack, Eric Beauchemin, Eric
International – Silje Norendal, Tyler Nicholson, Max Eberhardt

Halfpipe Snowboarding Athletes to Watch:
U.S. Snowboarding- Shaun White, Taylor Gold, Ben Ferguson, Chase Josey, Chloe Kim, Kelly Clark,
Arielle Gold, Maddie Mastro, Elena Height, Hannah Teter
International – Cai Xuetong, Emily Arthur, Scotty James, Pat Burgener