Every crew has its own universe, a conception of itself and its surroundings based on experience and interaction. The Swiss Am crew, Mindset Productions, highlights the components that comprise their own little world in their full film Mandala. Scouring the streets for features, spending days hounding pow in the backcountry, getting up from rattling bails, inventing ways to stay stoked throughout the year—these endeavors all weave into a big picture. This film shows what that picture is. Featuring Adrian Oesch, Andy Walker, Florian Arnold, Cedric Gisler, Arda Serce, David Djite, Severin van der Meer, Leandro Eigensatz, Max Wettstein, Pat Burgener, Jeron Lohner, Flavio Pfister, Lou Staub, Marco Aellig, Andreas Iseli, Gregor Betschon, Thomas Land and Lukas Blume Rösli.


Camerawork by Andreas Walker, Florian Arnold, Cedric Gisler, Arda Serce, Max Wettstein, Gregor Betschon, Thomas Land, Lukas Blume Rösli, Elmar Bossard, Alvaro Vogel, Mariell Vikkisk, Daniel Loosli, Vincent Skretteberg, Alicia Martinez, Manuel Giger & Pablo Films.

Edit and animation  by mathiaswittwer.ch.