Cardrona has laid out some pretty creative slopestyle courses in the past, but to see them veer from the straight line approach and give riders more options to choose from in the latest Winter Games NZ makes us think the FIS might have had a snowboarder infecting the ranks. If this is what the World Cup is starting to offer, these highlight videos might get a whole lot more interesting. When we hear from the riders we will update you with what they thought of the new course.

Until then, check out Marcus Kleveland’s winning run, a solid lap by second place finisher Darcy Sharpe, and hometown sleeper Carol Garcia Knight‘s highlights! Kleveland looks to be putting his recent inspiration from Ryan Paul to good use with a clean stomp off the flat rail, check the Instagram for proof. Keep an eye out for all of these names at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang this upcoming February!

Full results:

1 5 KLEVELAND Marcus 85.58
2 23 SHARPE Darcy 85.33
3 20 GARCIA KNIGHT Carlos 84.58
4 4 CORNING Chris 81.91
5 3 GERARD Redmond 79.78
6 17 MORGAN Billy 78.56
7 10 CICCARELLI Michael 78.15
8 15 HENKES Judd 76.38
9 22 RINNEKANGAS Rene 75.25
10 12 HUBER Nicolas 70.65

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