Maria Thomsen’s full part is something to keep coming back to. The Dutch born, soon to be Whistler citizen has a work ethic that rivals anyone in the game, and has the bag of tricks to prove it. Thomsen may not be able to describe her snowboarding style but we can: confident.

SNOWBOARDER Mag’s Mary Walsh sat down with her for a quick interview about her snowboarding career, motherhood, and new projects. Give it a read and get to know her… she isn’t going anywhere!

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You first tried snowboarding in Whistler, correct? How did that come about?

Yes, that’t right. Three of my friends came to Whistler for a season while I was in Business College. At this point, I had never snowboarded or even heard about Whistler before, but I was in desperate need of an adventure and came here during spring break.

When did you finally decide to move to Whistler and why?

From the first time I came to Whistler, I knew that I had to come back. I was already in love with snowboarding and the BC outdoors. It was such a big change from where I came from. So, two years after my first visit, I finished business college and came back in 2008. The first two years, I got hurt all the time, so I was back and forth between Whistler and Denmark, but I have had Whistler as my base since 2010

How did you meet Danyale Patterson and get involved with Too Hard?

In 2013 I was living in Tahoe and I met Fancy from the crew. She told me to send my footage to Danyale and we got connected via the internet.

What was your first film trip with the crew? Your first part was for "Tres Hard", right?

My first trip with the Too Hard crew was actually this past winter to Rossland. I had a few shots in ‘Tres Hard’, but I didn’t have a full part.

If you had to describe the Too Hard crew and movies to someone outside of snowboarding, what would you say?

It’s a women’s amateur snowboard video project, with mainly ‘urban snowboarding’.

You have a bunch of very technical rail tricks in your repertoire—it seems like you're able to learn tricks pretty quickly and take them from the park to the streets. Can you expand on what the process is like for you of trying a new trick to taking it into the city to film? Do you spend a lot of time riding COC (Camp of Champions) in the summer?

I’ve spent the last two summers at COC and it has been so much fun. I like to get comfortable with a trick in the park, before I try it in the street. Sometimes that means doing over and over until it I feel it and it looks good.

Who are your influences and inspirations when it comes to rail riding?

Jess Kimura, Darrah Reid, Desiree Melancon, Layne Treeter, Footyfiend and so many more…

You had a baby recently! Almost two years ago? So you're not only filming insane video parts, but you're a new mom! That's very admirable in its own right. How do you balance raising your son Tao, and filming/riding?

Tao just turned two. With help from friends and family, I still get to play on my snowboard. I love being a mom, but it's important for me to still be myself and have time for me. I don’t get to snowboard as much as I used to, but I make it count when I do.

We heard Tao has gone on rail trips with you! Does he get to sign off on makes at spots? What is it like getting to have him be involved in the snowboarding part of your life?

Pretty much! He is the boss and gets to decide when it's time to call it. It’s cool to have him involved with my snowboarding life because it's important to me and I think it's healthy for him to spend time outside playing and see me play too. It’s awesome… but it can be stressful at the same time… to have him at the spot while filming.

Who has been your usual crew for filming the past few seasons?

I've been floating around without a specific crew, trying to film with people who wanted to do the same. This past winter I filmed with Too Hard, Dreams and The Headstones… which were all such a great help!

There are a lot of talented female riders who call Whistler home. In Too Hard alone, you, Darrah and Danyale spent a lot of time riding together this past season, right? What’s the atmosphere up there specifically relating to women's riding, learning tricks,etc.

Darrah, Danyale and I have spent a lot of time riding Whistler Blackcomb in the spring and summer. There is a good atmosphere here. Women support and respect each other. There is so many talented women/human beings in Whistler. I think it's inspirational and it makes you want to step up your game.

Have you gotten to return to Denmark for a filming trip yet? If not, would you like to? Or perhaps another location nearby? There are so many cities loaded with plentiful spots.

Unfortunately I have not. It would be very hard to plan, Denmark rarely gets snow and when it does it melts within a few days. It would be rad to get a crew together on a euro trip and visit countries like finland and some eastern european countries.

Describe your personal style of snowboarding in one sentence.

Haha oh god, I’m not sure I’m able to answer this question!

Whistler is known for its powder-filled backcountry of course. Do you have any aspirations to add more off piste riding into your video parts?

Yes eventually. It is definitely on my mind but I still have a lot to learn in order to use it for a video part.

You're filming with a new crew this winter, can you fill us in on your plans?

Yes, I'm filming for a new project that I’m feeling very excited about, but the details are not public yet…

And finally, any leaks on any aspirations you have for filming/snowboarding this winter?

My personal aspirations for this winter is to film a part that I can be proud of, to become a better all-around snowboarder and to have fun while doing it all. I am not able to leave the country right now because I am applying for residency, but hopefully after the new year, I will be able to make some travel plans outside the country lines.