Mark McMeme-is: A very special interview with Mark McMorris

Alternative X Games.

Mark McMorris is an X Games veteran. Owner of a cache of precious medals. And one of the best snowboarders in the world. But recently, he entered a whole new level of success: he got his own meme. The gentlemen of Hunter Mountain over at @icecoastkillsshit recently asked for Mark McMorris meme submissions on their Instagram, spawning a litany of creatively photoshopped images and a whole bevy of things that kind of rhyme or sound vaguely like “McMorris”. After big air wrapped up in Aspen, SNOWBOARDER caught up with Mark to check out some of the memes, because getting your own meme and then being asked to comment on it in a video for the internet is the kind of inception that the 2017 is all about.