Mark McMorris Lands First Ever Front Board to Backside Double Cork 1170

For a large portion of the snowboarding population, frontside boardslides are hard enough. Now crank the feature up to 11 and add a backside double cork 1170 ((360 x 3) + 90 = 1170) off the end… and you can enter the ballpark in which Mark McMorris operates. We hit up Judd Henkes, who was on the trip, over text to get his reaction of McMorris’ first.

“Pretty dope. It was a fun setup fa sho. Yeah, everything from the weather to snow was good. Riding was insane. I didn't get to ride the rail though. I got sick. Like, a really bad flu the day of.”

While we will sadly never know what Judd could do on the setup due to his terrible flu, we do have this mini-doc of the spring day in Corvatsch, Switzerland with Mark McMorris, his brother Craig, and Judd above. Enjoy what we can only describe as Red Bull meets Wes Anderson for the interview locations, along with some crazy riding from McMorris.

If you disagree with the Wes comparison, explain THIS FRAME BELOW.

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