This past season Markus Kleveland took a trip to the powder pastures of Japan with Eero Ettala and Heikki Sorsa for his first experience in the backcountry. Markus Kleveland despite his youth, is already an established entity of savage skill on the world's park-riding stage. A few years back he emerged as a pint-sized pioneer of the triple cork, and then soon after displayed a competency on rails that left the skeptics bewildered, unable to critique this adolescent Norwegian. Markus appeared to be sheer, well-rounded talent. But we all know the complexity of riding powder and how much trouble it gives those who aren't used to its swampy consistency. Even Markus with his brilliant boarding abilities had trouble; although, in the end he proved once more that he is shaping up to be one of snowboarding's most versatile riders who can handle and quickly master any type of terrain.