Melodrama—Full Movie

Parting ways with the part-by-part formula normally scene in snowboarding cinema, the Melodrama cast focused on places to center the movie around. You can read how the name and movie came to be in an interview with Jon Stark here, or just enjoy the fruits of their labor above. Featuring Bode Merrill, Jesse Paul, Erik Leon, Mike Liddle, Johnny Brady, and Garrett “Worm” Warnick.

When seemingly everything stands against you, weather conditions, language barriers, cultural differences, injuries, it’s who you are in those moments that defines you as a person, an athlete and a friend. Melodrama is a video that stood its ground during all adversity. Filmed on location in Italy, Canada, Wyoming, and Hokkaido, Japan, the crew traveled to the ends of the earth searching for what they were looking for while dealing with internal and external battles of all shapes and sizes.

Directed by Jon Stark.

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