Men’s Slopestyle Finals Full Replay – 2017 Burton US Open

The 35th annual Burton US Open snowboard competition live stream from Red Bull TV!

Practice is over, the boards are waxed, and the 2017 slopestyle finals are underway! Who will take the top spot in the men’s lineup for one of the last major snowboard competitions leading up to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea? Sven Thorgren qualified first, but Mark McMorris, Michael Ciccarelli and seven other riders are hoping to take that top spot by the end of the day.

Recap from the semi-finals here!

Men’s Finals – 2pm

Start List
10. Chris Corning
9. Stale Sandbech
8. Sebastien Toutant
7. Redmond Gerard
6. Sebbe De Buck
5. Brandon Davis
4. Mons Roisland
3. Michael Ciccarelli
2. Mark McMorris
1. Sven Thorgren