Message Boardin: Marcus Kleveland

Originally published in the second issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s latest volume, go pick up a copy of the mag at any of these stores while they are still in stock. Since this interview has been conducted, Marcus has gone on to compete in the Olympics and snag a bronze at the Burton U.S. Open.

At only eighteen-years-old, Marcus Kleveland has already cemented a place for himself in the snowboarding record books. He was the overall winner of the 2017 Air & Style, snagged both gold in slopestyle and silver in big air at his first-ever X Games Aspen last January, and became the first person to land a quadruple cork in competition—a trick he first stomped when he was only sixteen. But while this 2017 Rookie of the Year is well on his way to collecting a cache of precious medals, his rapidly-growing notoriety is built on even more than impressive contest standings, rooted in innate and seemingly effortless board control and a loaded supply of knuckle tricks that regularly shuts down the internet. It’s this intrinsic talent that propels Marcus to the podium during contests, but also that has garnered him a devoted following within the ranks of snowboarding’s most respected riders and beyond, due to his arsenal of creative and often mind-boggling tricks: last-minute rewinds, corked spins off knuckles, insane flat ground maneuvers, and both the proper and the inventive on jumps, rails, and any transition—no matter how minute—that he finds in his path. His snowboarding, as a rule, is technically complex and carried out in the most casual of manners, a rare combination that, when loaded with Marcus’s particular sense of style, often seems to defy the laws of physics. While this young Norwegian has no problem performing under pressure when competing, it is his down time taking park laps that further exhibits the depth of his ability and foreshadows the fact that there will be plenty more jaw-dropping tricks from him in the future. It’s for these reasons that for this edition of Message Boardin’, we tapped this Scandinavian park prodigy to field a few questions queried by our readers, further proof that he has no problem dropping into anything thrown his way.
—­Mary Walsh

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What board do you normally ride?
I normally ride the Nitro Team 155.

What’s your pre-contest ritual/tradition?
Just holding off everyone, listening to music.

Aaaaaand whats your favorite Norwegian black metal band? Thankyouthankyou.
Halldór! That has to be Kvelertak.

Can you tell us the items that you always take with you when you hit the road?
Phone, Mac, headphones, toothbrush.

What’s your favorite trick on rails?
Has to be a backside lip.

How did you learn how to spin so damn fast?
Haha! I actually do not know.

You should put out a knuckle-only part!
A few people are asking me this, and there is something going on ;).

What’s your KDR?
On average I would say around 2.5 in MW2, MW3, Ghost etc. 1v1 Spence? ;).

What’s your user name in COD?
It is: ImQezty.

What is your all-time favorite snowboarding trip/place to ride?
Japan for best trip. For everyday riding, I would say home.

Who’s your favorite rider over 30?
Has to be you, Per. ;).

Do you ever go into the backcountry?
Not that much up to now, but love riding in the backcountry—I hope there’s more to come!

What’s your go to warm up trick on a big jump?
Backside cork 3 bring-back.

Japan or Crail?

How did you get the nickname Kleveland Steamer?
No idea! ;).

How did you prepare for your first triple cork?
Just did a lot of doubles.

What riders are your tricks inspired by? Because now I think a lot of riders are inspired by you?
Pretty much everyone doing something sick!

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