In June, UK adidas team riders Dom Harington, Angus Leith, Jon Weatherly and Team Manager Thrashmore headed high into the Arctic Circle on the border of Sweden and Norway to Riksgransen. With sunlight lasting for almost a full 24 hours a day, the crew was afforded plenty of time to enjoy a slice of winter. In the above video, this epic summer trip documented by Black Heart Limited, inviting and satiating summer wanderlust.

From Black Heart Limited:

Riksgransen is located in the far north of Scandinavia, right on the border between Sweden and Norway. It shot to fame in the mid 90s when Ingemar Backman launched his infamous method there, but its remoteness and lack of park facilities have ensured that over recent years, it has been largely overlooked in favour of central European glaciers. The extreme latitude – 200km north of the Arctic Circle – guarantees snow in June and it's recent glaciations have scraped the bedrock smooth, resulting in a unique selection of obstacles.

The UK Adidas Snowboarding team, consisting of Dom Harington, Angus Leith, Jon Weatherly and Team Manager Thrashmore took advantage of the summer solstice being a regional holiday, where the resort fills up with eager tourists and opens the lifts for three days, to undertake a summer shred trip with a difference! Taking on all types of spots in and around Riksgransen and Bjorklieden, riding on snow, rock and moss, as well as taking a swim in the Arctic Ocean, the crew also managed to fit in a heli day, a party, and some bizarre pagan solstice dancing with the locals!