PowderJet Snowboards announces that longtime pro snowboarder and Holden Outerwear co-founder Mikey LeBlanc is now a PowderJet brand ambassador. Mikey will be joining Hisanori Katsuyama, Lukas Huffman, David Wien and Scott Lenhardt on the PowderJet  ambassadorial roster.

PowderJets are limited edition, high performance and hand crafted wooden snowboards that are custom built for backcountry powder fun.  They are engineered for maximum float and “surfy-ness”, as well as eco-friendliness. One of PowderJet’s goals is to bring simplicity back to snowboarding.

In 2009, woodworker and artist Jesse Loomis founded PowderJet Snowboards because the specific type of board he was looking for wasn’t being built. He wanted a classic powder “surfer” style that would float through open powder fields, and turn tightly enough to manage the tight trees common in the Northeastern United States. The boards feature USA grown FSC certified maple and poplar wood, clean bio resin laminate and a Vermont made, whey based polyurethane finish.