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While Big Bear is collectively lamenting the impending loss of Four Loko the Westside Gremlinz aren’t skipping a beat. Here they are with Monday In The Parking lot No. 2. This time the edit is only two days late and it includes the title “Hidden Chambers” which we will continue to ignore. We’re not backing any title but Monday In The Parking Lot unless it is Tuesday In The Parking Lot or Wednesday In The Parking Lot etc… Basically any day In The Parking Lot but Sunday. Nothing cool about the Big Bear parking lot on Sunday’s. Besides we were hyped on the rawness of episode one where they didn’t fuss with the formalities and set it right off after pushin’ play. No titles, no worries! Check out Justin Mulford, Mazzotti 1, Mazzotti 2, A couple Tarbells, Will Bateman, Mr. Daniel Brown, Cory Donoho, Devin Allen, Riley Nickerson, Bradshaw, Alex Heresford, and other former midget Mafioso getting nasty. They even took it up the chair this week to let the lappers know how it’s done.

In case you missed it, here is Episode 1.