For this season’s first Monday Minute, Jake OE and Joe Sexton at House of 1817 have a special treat. Welcome to the 1817 Park at Buck Hill! From the minds of Matt "Boody" Boudreaux, Cody Trapp, Ben Klosterman, and local Minnesotan shreds… riders will be able to stay spooky all season long as new features and creative lines pop up. While drooling for future edits that will come from the park this season, be sustained by the 3-minute long Monday Minute. The extra helping features riding from Cody Biersdorf, Billy Bottoms, Joey Peterson, Joe Sexton, Craig Cameron, Ryan Paul, Benny Milam,  Danimals,  Vinny,  Al Binder,  BOODY,  Jeffy Gabrick,  Jake OE,  Mike Liddle, Drew Poganski,  and Luke Zajac. If that list doesn’t cement the importance of this park to snowboarding, nothing will.

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