Building on the success of past creativity-fueled events Peace Pipe and Peace Park, Danny Davis teamed up with Mountain Dew again this past spring to bring a new almagamation of snowboard/skateboard madness to the mountain. Dropping in at Sierra-at-Tahoe, Danny and crew collaborated with SPT to create a one-of-a-kind, dual snake run, one line for snowboarding, the other for skateboarding. Danny, along with Scotty Lago and Jeremy Jones were joined by Mountain Dew team skaters, Trevor Colden, Chris Colbourn, Jordan Maxham, Nick Turner, and Micky Papa. Ridiculous doubles lines ensue as the crew drops in side-by-side on the inventive set up. Enjoy the above teaser for Mountain Dew SuperSnake and stay tuned for the full video, which airs on TV on Sunday, October 16, 2016 during ABC’s weekly World of X Games series at 2pm ET / 1pm PT and can be watched on on Octover 17.


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