Mt Baker Seshup—The Spring Kickoff Kicker

Words by Matt Wainhouse
Mt Baker Seshup: The Greatest Party-Kicker Session

Each year as the end of spring approaches the diehard Washington ski and snowboard scene has one last gathering on the sidelines of Mt. Baker Ski Area equipped with a few kegs, a DJ and a big ole kicker. Normally with backcountry jumps, especially in the thick of winter, you don't invite your entire Facebook friend list to come join and hit it. With this jump however, it is encouraged.

The "Grandma's Step-Up" has got to be one of the most hit backcountry jumps of all time. The landscape on the side of the mountain makes a solid jump-building zone with landings extending for a half of a mile towards Table Mountain. Right in the middle lies The Step Up. It's a beautiful, massive wind-lip with a straight forward and steep run-in. It's a perfect location, not far from the parking lot, for a big floaty jump with little consequence.

This year we had a turnout of nearly 300 people to come and join the party. Not everyone hits the jump as it is certainly test of board control getting to the jump. But as soon as riders got comfortable, mayhem broke loose. Trains off the booter, dodging buddies in the run-in, trying to be as close as possible, hopefully not landing on the person ahead. It turned into a good ol’ fashion huck fest going as big as possible. Per usual there were many beautiful, huge Mt. Baker methods.

Some of the standout boarders included Max Dre (our dedicated shoveler and guinea pig), Josh Rosen (over the hill and still going the biggest), Nick Ennen (came to show the young crowd how to pop off this jump), Russell Winfield, Leif Jones, Robin Foster, Jordon Frager, Jonah Shlicker, Travis Claughton, TK Romer, JJ Johnson, Jake Aaronson and Robbie Hutton.

The crowd loved the entertainment and it seemed right on par with years' past. Although the powder days of the 2018 are behind us, the Mt. Baker Seshup is one of the "funnest", and funniest, days of the year on snow. We already cannot wait for next year.

A shoutout to Jason Speer, Brad Andrew and their crew who started this session 15 years ago is deserved. Thank you to those before us, you have allowed this to evolve into something special. RIP Donkiee!

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