Mt. Hood Riders – first jump of the 2013/14 season

Anyone that has spent time at Mt. Hood knows that it is a very unique place. Of course there is the fact that you can ride year-round between Meadows and Timberline, and the glacier is a hotbed of activity during the summer when HCSC, Windells, and MHSSC build private parks and bus campers in every day. In the winter, the mountain is cloaked in powder and transforms from a man-made park destination to a playground of natural hits and phenomenal Northwest terrain. Tim Douglass calls this mountain home and is well-versed in both the terrain and the snowboarding community in the area. To this end, he has started a new website, that covers the creative snowboarding a culture of Mt. Hood. The website will be dropping soon, so in the meantime, check out the first edit from Mt. Hood Riders.