Last winter the Neff team collaborated on a short film focusing on the best parts of snowboarding. Those aspects of riding down mountainsides–good snow, good turns, and a good crew–that keep us coming back for more, day after day, season after season. Aptly entitled Play., this team movie features the heavy hitters of Neff doing what they do best, turning, burning, jumping, jibbing, and really, just sending it to the moon. The first section, The San Juan Session, follows Tim Humphreys, Scotty Lago, and Greg Bretz to Colorado where they found plenty of pow to pilfer, both while roosting up a storm and pinning it off of backcountry cheesewedges into fresh landings. The crew met up with Chris Coulter to ride at Silverton, stacked clips on Red Mountain Pass, and collected first tracks with San Juan Untracked snowcats. There’s no better time to enjoy some extra snowy conditions than right now, so sit back and enjoy Lago, Bretz and Humphreys getting high in the Rockies.