Nike Chosen Crew Video Contest: Recap 4

The fourth recap from the first round of the Nike Chosen Crew Video Contest just dropped and it’s filled with crews that have caught the attention of Nike’s elite. Bobby Meeks returns this week from the SIA tradeshow in Denver, Colorado and breaks down the top three Noticed crews and top three crews that have earned honorable mentions.

This week’s recap delves into why these crews have been highlighted and offers tips for how you and crew can step it up in the final two weeks of the first round. You have less than fourteen days to prove to the world why you and your crew should be Chosen, so have a look at whose leading and see how you can step it up for chance to move unto round two.

Noticed Crews:

Shoulda’ Danished:Canada
STYLE: Urban
BUZZ: 208 Likes, 13 Comments
This crew’s rail tricks were pro level. They slayed every kink they came in contact with.

Ride and Cut: Switzerland
STYLE: Park, Urban, Backcountry
BUZZ: 865 Likes, 25 Comments
These Swiss dudes showed they could still have fun despite minimal snow conditions, and then when the snow finally fell, they were all over it.

Smallzinema: Finland
STYLE: Park, Urban, Backcountry
BUZZ: 67 Likes, 2 Comments
This crew had a creative video and vibe that was filmed in the street, park, pipe, and powder.

Honorable Mentions:

TCB Crew: France
STYLE: Park, Urban, Backcountry
BUZZ: 29 Likes, 4 Comments
These dudes had super burly slams, an old school vibe, and were truly going for it.

Jambox Crew: USA
STYLE: Park, Urban, Backcountry
BUZZ: 375 Likes, 35 Comments
They had the full package– editing, filming and it made us want to hang with these shredders.

Rusk Snow Crew: Austria
STYLE: Park, Urban, Backcountry
BUZZ: 1787 Likes, 73 Comments
Lots of sweet pow shots that made us want to strap on our shred-sticks.

It’s seriously crunch-time. Get your videos in ASAP because the first round of the Nike Chosen contest ends on February 15th. Don’t blow it. This is your chance to be CHOSEN.