Russia is a massive place. A never-ending terrain, the largest country in the world. Of course, such an enormous environment has the potential to produce great things of all different aspect. The Sochi Winter Olympics, in a sense, transmitted a comprehensive picture of Russia’s rich-for-recreation landscape to all corners of the Earth. The mountains are unworldly and wild, the snow deep, the people unexpectedly buoyant. American pop culture tends to depict the titanic country in an austere light—a frigid place that’s all severity, its inhabitants as cheery as Ivan Drago. Nitro Russia, has the true story, and an accompanying message: Stay Hippie. A mandate to kick back, let loose, have fun, do what you love. Their riders—such as Kirill Krivov, Pavel Boston, Slava Egle, and Alexandr Smelov among many more—seem to be the meeting point of mirth and talent. Peep the teaser of these rad Russians sending it in a multitude of environments, stomping stylish spins, risky rail tricks, all the while emitting an easygoing energy. Full movie dropping soon.