Parents always warn their kids to stay away from strangers in Vans. It seems highly obtuse for anyone to have a prejudice against an individual based upon their chosen footwear. Besides aren't people who wear Sketchers or Crocs even creepier.

Upon further reflection we realize that we are confusing the footwear with the modes of automotive transport. Nonetheless our stance still holds that van drivers shouldn't be judged as anything other than people who prefer roomier vehicles. Snowboarders who drive vans include Victoria Jealouse and Victoria Jealouse. If you don't know who Victoria is then Google her but know that people who Google strangers are creepier than van drivers. Fact.

When it comes to vans Nitro Snowboards revels in feeding the van driver stereotypes. They have even gone so far as to create a contest where riders get kidnapped and subjected to a captivating day on the slopes with their favorite Nitro, L1 and Raiden pros. When Austin Smith, Bryan Fox and Ben Biloq come cruisin' down your block you better be ready to head for the high ground. Anyone who wants to be subjected to this style of shred abduction simply needs to visit and sign up.

The Snatcher Tour is supported by Nitro Snowboards, L1 Outerwear, Raiden Bindings High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Snowboarder Magazine with support from participating shops including B.C. Surf and Sport, Milosport, Eternal, Side Effect, and Evo. For more info please visit

Nitro Snatcher Tour 2011

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