We’re backing anything Nitro Team Manager and expert boarder Knut Eliassen sets out to do. Last season, Knut gathered Nitro team riders Sam Taxwood, Ziga Rakovec, Basti Rittig, Marc Swoboda, and Seppi Scholler to attempt to get the record for hitting the world’s longest rail. The current record is held by Calum Paton, who greased a 255.9 foot-long rail in 2011, though, with all due respect, the rail didn’t have a gap and was a ride-on, so we hear there’s some contention to the validity of the record. For their attempt, the Nitro crew set out to handle a 278.8-foot, gap-to, single barrel rail. While there was no victor in the man vs. rail battle, it could be only a matter of time before the ideal points of balance, speed, and staring at the end of the rail are found.