The description that these guys made for their latest Loon edit is so on point, so we present it in its entirety. Enjoy the latest from the New Hampshire crew.

Loon Itinerary:
~wake up
~figure out where you are
~find your friends
~get coffee and a breakfast sandwich
~go back to your house
~wax your snowboard
~any type of vice or enlightenment/motivation
~go snowboarding with residually drunk psychopaths
~piss of the skiers in the gondola in front of you because they cut you in line
~Realize that the people around you are incredible at snowboarding
~film it.
~edit it.
~relax/watch austin powers.
~hope that the people understand.
~but its cool if not.

Snowboarding featuring Tyler L’heureux, Parker Szumowski, Cole St. Martin, Devin Therrien, Matt Schaffer, Jay Minassian, Scott Mccurdy, Brandon Marini and Nick Doucette.