The No Names are die hard East Coasters with a sensibility for the mountains of the lower Eastern Seaboard. They get it when the getting’s good, like when a rogue winter storm blanketed Washington DC earlier this year. Their love of snowboarding and pride for the Midatlantic is unrivaled and even more, their boarding is real good. Recently, the crew headed to Tussey Mountain in Pennsylvania to take some park runs and log some clips. Here is the result. Enjoy.

Featuring Alex Budnik, Liam Doyle, Kevin Hoff, Brian Nero, Hannah Budnik, Daniel Agre, Kevin Kobasa, Cam Wilson, David Hormby, and Max Lyons.

From No Names:

Tucked away in the very center of the state of Pennsylvania is Tussey Mountain. At first glance this tiny beast doesn’t appear to be more then a bump to ride down. After spending a few days riding every feature they threw at us we can say Tussey is worth the trip. With some of the most fun features we have riden in awhile this small resort is backed by a group of dedicated local riders who put in the time to make the best of what they got. If your every passing through State College, PA we highly recommend stopping and lapping for a while. This little mountain has a lot more to offer then it appears.