Nowaman Superpark 18 Re-edit

In May, the Nowamean guys, headed up by filmer Jerome Page, made the trek to Oregon for Superpark 18 at Mt. Hood Meadows. While this Quebecois crew has staked their claim in the next wave of urban riding by providing proof positive that the street scene is thriving in La Belle Provence and there may just be something about growing up in negative Celsius temperatures that breeds rail destroyers. While their trip to Superpark saw more park than pavement, Axel Stall, Jo Truchon, Dillon Ojo and more met up with Frank April, Louif Paradis, and Trevor Eichelberger for this Superpark 18 re-edit. We are confident that Nowamean will be expanding their geographical dominance in the coming years, so, familiarize yourself with these riders now and stay tuned. Featuring Axel Stall, Jo Truchon, Alexis Mailhot, Alex Gogo, Dillon Ojo, Trevor Eichelberger, Frank April, Louif Paradis. Film and edit by Je Page.