Oakley Progression Sessions 2014 – Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

The third and final stop of the 2014 Oakley Progression Sessions made its way to Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada on April 5-6 and almost fifty women joined coaches Faye Gulini, Maddy Schaffrick, Grete Eliassen, Kaya Turski, Christine Savage, and Mary Walsh to shred a private park in perfect spring conditions. Over the course of two days, the women, ranging from teenagers to moms with teenagers themselves, challenged themselves to learn spins off of progressive jump features in both the private OPS park as well as Lake Louise’s medium and large parks. Women learned tons of new grabs, and many attempted boardslides and frontboards for the first time. More experienced park riders dialed in 270s on and off as well as bigger spins and tech grabs. The greatest thing about Oakley Progression Sessions is that no matter a woman’s skill level when it comes to freestyle riding, there was tons of tricks to be learned and mastered. Thanks to all of the women that came out to Lake Louise for the weekend!

For more info check out www.oakleyprogressionsessions.com.