They tapped the ground and found gold. The great oil rush of 2016. Not sure what will happen once Trump becomes President, but right now Oil Country up in Canada is on the rise. The crew delivers from the mountains to the streets. Solid parts laid down all over the beautiful land to the North. Thanks for snowboarding, the world needs you.

From Oil Country:

There’s a first for everything. After years of filming webisodes we decided to take a crack at filming a full length movie. Driven by a group of amateur riders from Alberta & B.C. Canada, Oil Country takes you on a ride through the streets of Calgary and the backcountry just outside of Banff National Park. Featuring Tanner Davidson, Dwayne Wiebe, Luke Sudermann, Andy James, Darcy Keller, James Banks, Tyler Lightfoot, Tim Nelson, Eric Corbin, Justin Brisson, Sean Marko, and Manu Calvo.

We hope you enjoy.