Stephanie Sue Feld and Ashley-Dawn Byrd throw caution to the wind (much to the dismay of their cat) in the second episode of Get Outta the Kitchen and head to Montana for the Treasure State Shred Fest in Missoula. Erika Vikander, Kelsey Boyer, and Niki Neugebauer meet up to do some early season shredding in the woods and there’s also a sick skate section with Steph and Laura Rogoski. Featuring Katie Cerovski as well. Stay tuned for more from these ladies and other up and coming female riders as Steph and Ashley will be documenting their travels this season as they search for snow and good times throughout the West Coast.

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Stephanie Sue Feld. p: Gill Montgomery


Erika Vikander. p: Gill Montgomery



Stephanie Sue Feld. p: Gill Montgomery


p: Gill Montgomery