Pat Moore: Blueprint – Episode 6: Continuing the Legacy

This latest episode of Pat Moore: Blueprint will give the viewers blue balls for getting some at Baldface. This edit focuses on one of those weeks that SNOWBOARDER likes to refer to as “fantasy camp,” with waist deep fresh snow, bottomless Caesars and a cat full of the cold masons who laid the foundation for this house we call snowboarding. Pat Moore is joined by Terje, Lynn, Guch, and a host of other riders not quite at single name status yet, as they rip some slashes, schuss some trees and do a lot of flips. After you gorge your senses on this all time BC blower buffet, Pat Moore treats us to a glimpse of his upcoming biopic called Mr. Plant. This latest addition to the Veeco cannon due out next fall documents Pat Moore as he not-so-gingerly travels the world as an overachieving pro snowboarder and an overachieving redhead.

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