Periscoping – Full Movie

Postland Theory released their highly anticipated movie, Periscoping early this morning. We’ve seen the teasers, we’ve seen the leftover parts and we finally get to see the entire thing. Featuring the talents of Kas Lemmens, Max De Vries, Bob Van Unnik, Ollie Dutton, Will Smith and the rest of the Postland crew.

Periscoping is Postland Theory’s third full length movie. It’s about a group of snowboarders from Holland, who are challenged by a country so flat that it’s under sea level.  They searched high and low in hopes of higher ground and found it filming in Lithuania, Finland, Poland and managed to film a little in Holland. They gained some recognition when they recently won “Best Am movie” at The Reels film festival. Don’t forget to download Periscoping for free too!

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