While Peter Line may, at times be a bit cantankerous, we would never have described him as crabby seeing as this Seattle resident had, up until recently, never been crabbing before. In a new series featuring one of the most talented individuals to ever strap two feet into bindings, appropriately titled Peter’s Line, let Peter’s personality off hill be your guide as he sets sail.Peter and friends cast off in the open ocean to see if his ability to loft massive overhead airs is transferable to any sort of fishing skill. Enjoy episode 01 of Peter’s Line: Crab Attack. Filmed by Michaela Wagoner.

From Michaela Wagoner:

Peter Line, a legendary snowboarder, a designer, photographer, master chef and more… has never been crabbing in his life. A few of his close friends had always wanted to take him out in a fishing boat and see what his skills could be, and to record the experience. We adventured out around Camano Island, WA to catch dungeness crab. Please enjoy Episode 0: Crab Attack with Peter and his friends.