Here is a Friday story to lighten the mood and take you into the weekend. It looks like John John Florence took a trip with family and friends to Baldface Lodge in Nelson, BC to snowboard and celebrate his recent win as the World Surf League Champ. White room vs. green room debate aside, Baldface has received a few feet so far this season, making it the perfect place to go when you are a professional surfer looking to get away from the beach. After seeing a few videos uploaded to Instagram, we decided to post them and let you decide which Florence has the best backflip. Huge congrats to John John Florence on the 2x World Championship, maybe we will bump into one another sometime this winter!

And if the fact that John John and his brothers, along with Jamie O’Brien can all backflip on a snowboard, then you have obviously never watched them surf. It is all water! The middle brother, Nathan, also uploaded a video of the three jumping off one of the lodge roofs.

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