Quiksilver Young Guns Snow 2019—Video Highlights

Quiksilver has long supported snowboarding. From Shaun Palmer to Travis Rice, Bryan Fox and Austen Sweetin—Quik has backed some of the most influential riders to ever strap in. And now, for the second season in a row, they once again rolled out the red carpet for the up-and-comers with the return of the Young Guns Snow Contest.

Pretty good conditions for a final, eh? Revelstoke, BC. p: Mark Clavin

Jadyn Chomlack, Jack Coyne, Miles Fallon, and Will Buffey—the 2019 Young Guns Snow Finalists. p: Chad Chomlack

Jadyn Chomlack taking the side route in Revelstoke. p: Chad Chomlack

If you didn’t see the barrage of social media clips over the past few months, we will give you the short breakdown. Originating in the surfing world, the Young Guns concept is simple. Upload a clip to Instagram. Win a trip the finals at a location of Quiksilver’s choosing. Ride away with $10,000. Four riders get the chance to rip around a resort for five days. Easy as that. Jack Coyne, Jadyn Chomlack, Will Buffey, and Miles Fallon were all tapped this year for the final in Revelstoke—and they did not disappoint.

Miles Fallon with a morning stretch in the park. p: Chad Chomlack

Buffey slaying a quick kicker near the top. p: Chad Chomlack

Jack Coyne didn’t call heads or tails, he just called “drop”. p: Chad Chomlack

Unlike a classic contest that sticks to one discipline, the whole mountain is fair game. From park rails to a day in the heli riding powder, #YGSnow throws everything at the kids. With constant lapping and changing of scenery—watching Austen Sweetin session with the four riders on every side hit, tree jib, and cliff drop—we all but forget that there was an actual contest going down. Hoots and hollers on every feature drowned out the dogfight to deposit a check. The five days in Revelstoke felt more like one long session with friends than any contest we have been a part of.

Judge and jury: Austen Sweetin. p: Chad Chomlack

A quick lift back to the top on the final day. p: Chad Chomlack

But alas, a winner had to be crowned. The trip in itself is a prize, but the fact that one of the boarders walked away with $10k at the end of the week is insane. And we can’t stress this enough… IT CAME DOWN TO THE FINAL DROPS. Tallying up the standout tricks amongst the sessions, Miles and Jack kept it close with Jadyn and Will right on their heels. A solid snow fell for the final day, stoking everyone up to get some laps. Smooth tricks were thrown down by all, but Miles Fallon rode away with the check. Consistently lapping all week, Miles laced tricks with amplitude and style that gave him just enough edge to walk away with the winnings.


As always, a huge thanks to the Quiksilver crew for making this one happen. It was an incredible trip. And for everyone else, keep an eye out for more from #YGSNOW. We heard the next final might be somewhere on the other side of the world.

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