words: T.Bird

It wouldn’t be too far off to say that last winter, Bode Merrill embarked upon one of the most ambitious and anticipated snowboard films since Gigi Rüf and Volcom partnered to put out “9191.” He tapped famed lensman and shirtless wündergod Jon Ray to handle everything behind the lens while Bode headed up the on-screen efforts.

Alongside Ozzy Henning, Jesse Paul, Erik Leon and Hans Mindnich, Reckless Abandon was born and it has taken the snowboard world by storm. From the streets of Salt Lake and Minnesota, to the steep and deep of Wyoming and Alaska, this fun-loving cadre got serious and put together perhaps the greatest snowboard movie in nearly a decade.

With Bode at the helm, the movie has more NBDs than any film in recent history along with an accurate portrayal of the fun side of snowboarding… and that well-roundedness is what has been so loudly applauded in our culture. Now, we’re giving you the opportunity to sit back and watch Reckless Abandon  right here, so saddle up and get ready to have your minds blown. Enjoy!

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