Reckless Abandon – Ozzy Henning Full Part

Explosive riding from this Utah local.

It was almost five years ago that Ozzy Henning’s proper 270 off a Park City jump (along with all the rest of his equally fiery park footage in said edit) turned the collective heads the internet-savvy snowboarding population. For many outside of the Wasatch, it was the first time they had heard of this Utah-raised snowboarder and since then, Ozzy’s name has become synonymous with a powerful and overtly natural kind of riding made up of equal parts skill and style. It was his breed of boarding on any terrain that prompted Bode Merrill to invite Ozzy to join the tightly knit crew for Reckless Abandon. Bode’s film, a collaboration with director Jon Ray is a film that highlights the individual talents of five riders via their confluence of their snowboarding. This is to say that the strength of Reckless‘ group is due to the abilities of the individuals and by this measure, Ozzy was an easy addition to make. From spot to spot, Ozzy’s prowess was paramount and now, you can watch his clips in their entirety in his full part.

Make sure to check out the whole film: download Reckless Abandon on iTunes.

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