Red Bull All Snow Returns to Mount Snow!

The old-school inspired contests returns to Carinthia Parks!

Red Bull All Snow Pays Homage to Snowboarding's Roots and Challenges Riders to Compete on Jib-less Courses Designed Entirely Out of Snow!

WHAT: Red Bull All Snow is returning to Mount Snow for the third year in a row. Inspired by the early days of freestyle snowboarding, Red Bull All Snow challenges park crews to build, and riders to compete, on courses designed entirely out of snow. Carinthia Parks is dialing in the designs for a one-of-a-kind course, exclusively for the competition. Expect flowy runs, big airs, and tweaked out grabs. Red Bull All Snow is all about paying homage to snowboarding's roots, giving snowboarders the opportunity to ride unique terrain, and showcasing style.

WHY: So many contests these days are solely focused on progression and creating a spectacle. Every year, contest courses feature bigger jumps, gnarlier rail features, and call for riders to take greater risks. Red Bull All Snow is different; instead of asking riders to push human performance to its limits, it dials it back. Before triple corks and kinked rails ruled the contest scene, snowboarding was all about showcasing style. Red Bull All Snow is a contest that highlights creativity and calls for riders to showcase their personal style while paying homage to the roots of snowboarding.

WHERE: Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow

DATE: Saturday, March 4, 2017

REGISTER: Register online at:
Registration is open to 150 riders

INFO: For more information, visit

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